Fox News Flips Out Over Biden's Raspy Voice

Fox News Flips Out Over Biden's Raspy Voice

Fox News’ top medical doctor (yeah) attacked President Biden for having a raspy voice. In December.

Harris Faulkner claimed Biden “was partying like it’s 1999 without his mask.”

Their hypocrisy holds no bounds.

Harris Faulkner interviewed Dr. Mark Siegel, Fox News #1 medical doctor whose sole purpose is to always glorify Trump and attack President Biden whenever possible.

How can we forget Trump’s mental acuity test given by Siegel.

Faulkner opened up the segment by playing a highly edited clip of Peter Doocy sparring with Jen Psaki, which led to Siegel becoming unhinged.

Dr. Siegel, with no proof, claimed President Biden may have infected Dr. Fauci with a cough.

Siegel ranted, “That he’s roaming around with a cough, his mask is half-on, half-off half the time.”

“You know what, it’s sending the wrong message to the American public. If you want the people to follow you be consistent,” he said.

We heard crickets from Siegel when six White House staffers including Mark Meadows were infected with COVID.

The only people refusing to adhere to vaccine mandates and CDC safety protocols are Fox News/right wing media viewers and MAGA cultists.

To add insult, Dr. Siegel claimed Biden shouldn’t be out in public.

Herman Cain might be alive today if Trump didn’t host unmasked political rallies, right Dr. Siegel? Wow, just wow.

Harris Faulkner jumped in with her acute observation that would make the late great Prince blush.

“Remember, just a couple weekends ago — maybe three — he was out on Nantucket without his mask, partying like it’s 1999 without his mask. For an eighty-something-year-old man.” Faulkner said.

Harris tried to go ageism on President Biden, who is 78 by the way, but if he’s partying to Prince? Biden’s health must be outstanding.

Watching Fox News suddenly flipping out that a sitting president is not following CDC protocols to their liking is insane.

PS. Twitter thought Biden’s voice sounded like… George Clooney!

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