Fox News Host Admits The 'Crack Pipe' Claim Against Biden Is Bogus

Fox News Host Admits The 'Crack Pipe' Claim Against Biden Is Bogus

Fox News host Charles Payne was forced to admit that the Biden administration is NOT handing out crack pipes in their efforts to reduce infections and diseases.

The Washington Free Beacon, a right-wing site, made this specious claim on February 7th: Biden Admin To Fund Crack Pipe Distribution To Advance ‘Racial Equity’.

The “racial equity” part was just to rile up Republicans with a racist slant.

Of course, Republicans in Congress and on TV jumped on the bandwagon.

While subbing for Neil Cavuto, Charles Payne brought on Former NYPD Commissionaire Howard Safir to claim the Biden administration wants to create more drug addicts.

Payne said, “A lot of folks are shocked the Biden administration saying they want to offer free crack pipes to certain constituents.”

Payne claimed only black Americans smoke crack.

A Fox News producer must have whispered in Payne’s ear because a minute later he was forced to recant.

“They’re not offering crack pipes, but there’s a program to facilitate safe drug apparatus. From what I read I thought it included crack pipes,”
Payne said.

Mr. Payne, try reading a credible news source for a change.

Hey Fox, is the crack pipe voting block is similar to soccer moms? What could be more vital for the Democratic party in every election than winning the votes of crack addicts?

Whose crack are YOU smoking, Republicans?

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