Fox News Host Rails Against Words Joe Biden Did Not Say

Fox News Host Rails Against Words Joe Biden Did Not Say

Harris Faulkner completely misrepresented President Biden’s presser on Kentucky’s disaster, claiming he tried to blame climate change on the tornadoes.

President Biden did not!

“How much of a factor do you think that climate change was in this?” the president was asked. “And do you think that will be part of the argument you make to people like Senator Manchin about why the Build Back Better Bill is needed urgently?”

“No, I’m not going to make that argument with him about this — We have to be very careful,” Biden replied. “We can’t say with absolute certainty that it was because of climate change.”

Biden didn’t ascribe blame from the Kentucky tornado to global warming, but to Faulkner, it didn’t matter.

After she said how much she loves science, Faulkner opined, “There is a time and place to have a broad conversation about the past, the present, and the future. A few hours after a disaster, though, Jason, what do you think? Really, the FEMA administrator ‘blame before we save?’”

Biden didn’t blame the tornadoes on climate change, Harris!

Prof. Jason Nichols tried to respond rationally, but the Fox News host cut him off and said, “Why bring up climate change in your opening remarks about a disaster?”

Biden didn’t.

“It wasn’t the first thing [Biden] said, My Goodness?”

“Why even go there (climate change) politically when you know it divides people,” she went on. As if climate change is political. It’s not. It’s a fact.

The vast majorities of Americans believe we must take actions to stop climate change and Faulkner calls it a divisive issue.

Acting like a ventriloquist for her President Joe Biden puppet, Harris listed the only things the president should be allowed to speak about and answer on.

“When you can say things like were getting every resource there. We’re praying for people. We’ll figure out on the back-end, what we can do to help rebuild. I’m confused by this,” she said, somehow misunderstanding strong government action.

Raising her voice, she went on. “If you legitimately think that tornadoes have not been proven to come out of climate change why would [Biden] bring it up?”

President Biden didn’t bring it up. A reporter did.

There isn’t anything Fox News and Republican operatives will not lie about to support the anti-vax, anti-science MAGA cultists.

This was like the many times when Sarah Huckabee Sanders or Kayleigh McEnany would stand at the podium and rewrite or reconfigure the horrible things Trump said to fit their narrative, only in reverse.

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