Fox 'News' Is Upset That There Is So Much COVID Testing

Fox 'News' Is Upset That There Is So Much COVID Testing

Fox “News” is having a sadz that people are doing COVID testing, which is leading to airline and pilot staffing shortages…which are leading to cancelled flights. What exactly would these whackjobs rather have? Less testing so that the airline workers are positive for COVID stay unaware of it, so they can keep working on flights? Sharing their germs with everyone while in a giant metal tube? REALLY?

They took a dig at people on unemployment and taking “free money” from the government. That $250 a month in child care of $1000 a month in unemployment is definitely why people are not taking jobs. NOT.

“COVID Theater” is what they are calling it now. The testing and cancellations of flights, sports, etc. They are super mad that asymptomatic positives lead to athletes and staff taking off work. HELLO, IDIOTS – do they not realize that asymptomatic people can spread COVID just as easily as symptomatic folks?

IDIOTS. Merry Christmas.

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