Fox News Tries To Shoot Down Excellent Jobs Report

Fox News Tries To Shoot Down Excellent Jobs Report

In a terrific surprise, 467K jobs were created in January. This blew away market expectations, but if you watched Fox News and FOX Business, you would think unemployment is at 10% and we just lost 200,000 jobs.

Fox News was ready to pounce all morning on a bad jobs reports and cued up White House troll Peter Doocy.

Doocy joined Fox and Friends to lament how the Biden administration would spin to the possible horrible report. Doocy had his fingers crossed hoping for the worst.

Daddy Steve Doocy said there could be up to 300K jobs lost in January and asked, “How the White House is going to put a happy face on that?”

Sonny boy Doocy said President Biden would come out and say “this is proof you need to get vaccinated.”

There is never a bad time on Fox News to support the anti-VAX morons.

Switching over to FOX Business, Maria Bartiromo was surprised by the great jobs report and asked uber-Trump supporter James Freeman to explain why they thought the jobs report would be bad.

Freeman said, “467,000 would be shockingly good and is kind of the head-scratcher.”

If Trump or any Republican were president, Freeman would be doing an Irish jig on the set.

Bartiromo said that “467,000 jobs was a major beat” from the dire predictions and asked Liz Peek to respond as we expected “only” 150,000 jobs to be created.

Peek was also very downtrodden.

“The consensus was 150, I thought we’d lose jobs Maria, particularly after the ADP numbers came out…I think there’s gonna be a lot of questioning of this number. I’m not even sure it means very much.”

Only Democrat Austan Goolsbee was able to praise the jobs report as he debated with his usual counterpart on FBusiness, Steve Moore.

And so it went.

Again, if Republican was in office during a pandemic and we got these great jobs reports, every single one of their guests and hosts would be praising the Commander in Chief as the greatest president since Abraham Lincoln.

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