Fox Smears Harris And Buttigieg As ‘Affirmative Action Figures’

Fox Smears Harris And Buttigieg As ‘Affirmative Action Figures’

The three America haters aka Fox & Friends cohosts couldn’t have seemed more delighted over some high-profile departures from Vice President Kamala Harris’ office. Campos-Duffy couldn’t even be bothered to pronounce Harris’ name properly.

All three snickered over a report that some Harris departures want to work on President Joe Biden’s re-election campaign. Campos-Duffy suggested that others want to move over to the Department of Transportation because Secretary Pete Buttigieg is a “more promising” candidate.

That neatly teed up Campos-Duffy’s two-for-one slur that she had probably prepared in advance. Cohost Pete Hegseth gave it an implicit thumbs up and Cain gave his explicit approval:

CAMPOS-DUFFY: What’s fascinating to me is both of them to me are — and I say this — people might not like what I have to say.

HEGSETH: When you say that, I always like what you have to say.

CAMPOS-DUFFY: They’re kind of affirmative action figures, right? They’re people who don’t really have a lot going for them in terms of experience, with Pete Buttigieg, and in terms of likability with Kamala Harris. But they fit the box, the identity politics box that seems to be so important to how the Democrat party likes to pick people.

CAIN: I don’t think that’s controversial what you just had to say. I think everyone has recognized identity politics plays a huge role in the Democratic party. And Joe Biden made it clear before he picked Kamala Harris, he said I will pick a woman and I believe he said I’ll pick a woman of color. So he signified, he telegraphed I am prioritizing identity politics over experience or political likability or merit of any other kind outside of identity.

CAMPOS-DUFFY: Competence.

CAIN: Competence. And now you’re paying the price.

Hegseth even worked in a suggestion that President Obama was an unqualified, affirmative-action pick, too:

HEGSETH: Barack Obama felt like he needed steady old white guy there alongside him. Joe Biden – picked him off the ash heap, 1%. Never made a serious run for president. He’s there. He becomes president. He picks Kamala Harris to check a box. So you have two box-checkers right now in the White House who never really were part of any sort of massive movement for them to be in that White House. And here we are.

Never mind that these three Trump worshipers didn’t care that their idol was completely unqualified for office and chose completely unqualified people, like son-in-law Jared Kushner and surgeon Ben Carson, for top spots in his administration. Unlike those three, both Buttigieg and Harris have real government experience.

But we all know that the only real qualification for the Murdoch network is Trump-Republican party affiliation.

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