Geraldo Bashes Lahren For Comparing Canadian Truckers To Founding Fathers

Geraldo Bashes Lahren For Comparing Canadian Truckers To Founding Fathers

Fox News hosts have been glorifying right-wing Canadian truckers for blocking trade at the U.S.- Canada border and causing mayhem in Ottawa and neighboring cities over vaccine mandates.

The height of absurdity was reached by Tomi Lahren, who put these truckers up on a pedestal alongside the Founding Fathers.

Geraldo was not having any of it.

“Their behavior has been nothing short of thuggish in Ottawa,” he said. “They kept people in the neighborhood awake all night revving their engines, blowing their horns. They’ve deprived Ottawa of business, of tens of millions of dollars, now they’re blockading the international bridges.”

Extremist Lahren tried to rebuke Rivera by equating anti-vax truckers to George Washington and his brethren.

“I wonder what Geraldo would say to our founding fathers, those that fought for freedom and the inception of this nation, who stood up for their rights and their freedom,” Lahren wondered aloud like the fool she is.

Refusing to get vaccinated during a pandemic is not being a freedom fighter, but instead a narcissistic jerk whose behavior is highly dangerous to themselves, families and friends and could have deadly consequences.

I mean this is so f*cking stupid I am almost speechless.

But I’m not wordless.

After a few minutes, Rivera came back in spades..

“When you have protesters bringing Confederate flags and swastikas and then to paint them as the same portrait as you name our founding fathers…I mean what the hell is that about?” Rivera said.


To this political observer, it appears Fox News and their Republican hosts, as usual are on the side of anti-vaxxers are trying to set up a right-wing trucker brigade against vaccine mandates here in the States.

It’s the same playbook they used when they helped to organize the first Tea Party protests in 2009.

It’s also the same playbook the CIA used in Chile in the 70’s to oust Allende. There’s money behind these strikes, and Fox News is helping these malcontents for the sole purpose of grabbing power in November.

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