Glenn Grothman Gets Roasted After House Floor Speech

Glenn Grothman Gets Roasted After House Floor Speech

The idiotic congresscritter from Wisconsin, Rep. Glenn Grothman, opened his mouth on the floor of the House of Representatives Thursday night, and a bunch of stupid words fell out of it. Shockingly, none of the words could be rearranged to form the sentence, “I apologize for speaking in front of an anti-government, insurrectionist Three Percenters flag on January 31, 2022,” though that certainly would have been in order.

No, this was simply a bunch of non-sequiturs. A laundry list of random complaints, blaming everything from fentanyl overdoses to the lawlessness of every authoritarian on the planet on Pres. Joe Biden’s immigration policy. For those of you who need help with Grothspeak, here’s a translation:

To Glenn Grothman, brown people are baaaaad.

He clearly hoped he’d get a soundbite on Newsmax, and the acting speaker had a word for him once his time had expired.

“The gentleman’s time has expired. Members are reminded to address their remarks to the chair, not to a pretend viewing audience,” said the speaker pro tempore.

I hope Rep. Grothman enjoys his government-funded health care plan, because he’ll need it after that roasting.

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