Hannity Promotes Lie That Trump Ordered 20K Troops To Capitol

Hannity Promotes Lie That Trump Ordered 20K Troops To Capitol

Following the lead of Donald Trump and Joseph Goebbels, if you tell a lie big enough and often enough, people will believe it.

Traitor Trump and his supporters have been trying to blame Nancy Pelosi or anyone else they can think of for the insurrection on January 6 and the attack on the US Capitol.

One of the conspiracies being promoted by ogres like Hannity is that that the Speaker of the House and the Mayor of Washington D.C. refused Donald Trump’s request to send 20,000 National Guard troops on January 6 to the Capitol.

That has been verified as a complete lie on many fronts.

First, Republican operatives claimed the number of troops was 10,000.

Glenn Kessler fact checked this and reported: No, Trump did not order 10,000 troops to secure the Capitol on Jan. 6

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said officials checked the records after Trump’s remarks about ordering 10,000 National Guard troops. “We have no record of such an order being given,” Kirby told The Fact Checker.

There is no evidence to support such claims. No investigation has turned up any such order. Rather, Trump made an offhand remark in a meeting unrelated to the events of Jan. 6, based on an inflated expectation of the crowd that would gather that day. Moreover, when the Capitol was breached, Trump was AWOL, unengaged in the effort to end the riot and restore order.

As usual, another BIG LIE.

On Friday night, Hannity and Kash Patel didn’t care about the truth and instead lied to their audience.

And Hannity doubled the amount of guardsmen Trump was supposed to have asked for.

Hannity said Patel has the real information nobody else has.

Sure thing.

“You were the chief of staff for the department of defense. I think Mark Meadows was in the room. And President Trump was in the room. And on January 4th in that room, Donald Trump authorized the use of up to 20,000 National Guard troops, knowing that there was going to be a large crowd coming to the nation’s Capitol, that they would be marching on the Capitol,” Hannity said.

He continued, “Why didn’t Nancy Pelosi or Muriel Bowser take advantage of the resources that Donald Trump signed off on?”

Patel said, “The law requires his authorization and the law requires Muriel Bowser or Nancy Pelosi and the Capitol Police to request National Guard, otherwise we are prohibited from doing that. Why Nancy Pelosi refused, I don’t know. You’d have to ask her.”

Liars gotta lie!

As Michael Luciano writes, “Moreover, the House select committee investigating the Capitol attack said it has firsthand testimony that Trump watched the riot on television as aides pleaded with him to act.

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