HERO: All In A Day's Work For Sixth-Grader Davyon Johnson

HERO: All In A Day's Work For Sixth-Grader Davyon Johnson

It’s Christmas season, when we especially love to hear heartwarming stories — and this is a good one.

Davyon Johnson, an Oklahoma sixth-grader, received three awards last week after his quick thinking and actions helped save two people — in the same day. The local school board gave him a heroism award; the Muskogee Police Department granted him an honorary officer certificate; and the Muskogee County Sheriff’s Office designated him an honorary deputy.

Oh, and Mayor Marlon J. Coleman declared December 9 Davyon Johnson Day in Muskogee, Oklahoma. Via Essence:

The Enid News & Eagle reported a student trying to refill his water bottle used his mouth to loosen the cap. The cap slipped into his throat and the student began to choke. The choking student stumbled into Davyon’s classroom.

Davyon jumped into action and performed the Heimlich maneuver. The bottle cap popped out.

The 11-year-old, told Enid News & Eagle he learned the Heimlich maneuver on YouTube, calling it a valuable procedure to learn. He said, “Just in case you’re in the situation I was in, you can know what to do.”

Later, while walking after school, Davyon saw an elderly woman trying to escape a house fire. Again, he rushed into action, helping the elderly woman with her walker get out of the home.

“I thought, ‘oh, she’s not moving fast enough.’ So I ran across the street and helped her to her truck,” Davyon told News On 6 cameras.

His principal, Latricia Dawkins, told the local paper, “He is just a kind soul and well-liked by his peers and staff alike.”

His mom, LaToya Johnson, is proud but not surprised. She said her son wants to be an EMT, just like his uncle Wendell Johnson.

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