Howard Kurtz On Wallace Departure: 'A Major Loss For Fox News'

Howard Kurtz On Wallace Departure: 'A Major Loss For Fox News'

On Media Buzz, Howard Kurtz eulogized Chris Wallace’s departure from his Fox News Sunday program after 18 years, and admitted it was a huge loss for Fox “News.”

Kurtz said, “In the era of hyper-polarization, Chris Wallace has been equally tough on Democrats and Republican, no matter what some partisans may say.”

Wallace became a villain to all MAGA world when he continually asked tough questions of Trump and his administration, but especially during his moderation of Trump’s debate with Joe Biden.

The Media Buzz host added that Wallace is joining CNN’s streaming venture, saying “This is a major loss for Fox News. No question about it.”

Many of us media critics and political observers are not surprised by this move. In the era of Traitor Trump, any real questions asked by an interviewer were viewed by MAGA cultists as a betrayal, and attack on their dear leader.

Since the former president was ousted from office, Fox News has been in lock step with the uber extreme right wing networks, like Newsmax and OAN, by removing virtually almost any center-left voices from their airwaves, replacing them with Trump sycophants and hyper-partisan Republicans.

Who will take the place of Chris Wallace on FNS?

— JohnAmato (@JohnAmato) December 12, 2021

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