January 6 Committee Looking Into Trump's Role In Plans To Seize Voting Machines

January 6 Committee Looking Into Trump's Role In Plans To Seize Voting Machines

We always suspected Donald Trump was way more involved in the coup to overthrow the 2020 election, but he has somehow managed to push off accountability onto his henchmen, foot soldiers and brainwashed cult members. Until now. The New York Times is reporting that the January 6th Committee is “looking into efforts by the former president’s outside advisers to create a legal basis for national security agencies to help reverse his defeat in 2020.” These efforts directly involve Donald Trump.

The various plots include Trump looking into having various federal agencies seize voting machines. The NYT notes that “it is not clear what evidence the committee is examining as it looks at any role Mr. Trump might have played in encouraging or facilitating the drafting of a so-called national security finding, a type of document more typically used as the basis for a presidential order to an intelligence agency to take covert action. But the committee recently received documents from the Trump White House including what court filings described as a “document containing presidential findings concerning the security of the 2020 election after it occurred and ordering various actions,” along with related notes.”

It was previously reported that a document that fits that description was sent around to various advisors. It reportedly pushed conspiracy theories suggested by animal print obsessed disgraced lawyer, Sidney Powell. The document was dated Dec. 16, 2020 and titled “Presidential Findings to Preserve Collect and Analyze National Security Information Regarding the 2020 General Election” and was published by Politico last month. It pushed bonkers conspiracy theories that there was foreign interference in the actual vote tabulation and gave some wonky basis for the military to seize voting machines.

Rep Adam Schiff is all over this, telling the NYT that “We certainly intend to run to ground any evidence bearing on an effort to seize voting machines and to use the apparatus of the federal government to confiscate these machines in the service of the president’s aim to overturn the election. We want to fully flesh out the facts: How close did this come to being operationalized? What kind of pushback did they receive? Who was a part of this particular scheme? We want to answer all those questions.”

Although previous reporting made it clear that Trump was *aware* of these cockamamie ideas, it could not be proven how much he was involved in the actual planning of the proposals and the subsequent ideas on how to pressure different federal agencies to unleash these illegal and insane plans. One of the new findings is that Trump directed Rudy Giuliani “to ask the Department of Homeland Security if it could legally take control of voting machines in key swing states.” In response to that, acting deputy secretary Ken Cuccinelli, said NO and informed Giuliani that Homeland Security Department did not have the authority to audit or impound the machines. It is also being reported that Trump raised the question of whether the DOJ could seize the machines and Bill Barr said no. There was even discussion previously about having Trump direct the Pentagon to seize the voting machines, a plan that was actually shot down by Giuliani (he was the voice of reason this one time?). It has also come to light that the panel has been looking into Michael QAnon Flynn and his role in the discussions and plots to seize voting machines, declare a national emergency and invoke crazy emergency plans.

Rep Jamie Raskin said the panel is “trying to understand the “whole picture” of the plan to seize voting machines and how it relates to other efforts to keep Mr. Trump in power, such as the former president’s pressure campaign on Congress and former Vice President Mike Pence to reject electors from states won by President Biden.” (see video above)

Is this it? Have they reached the top? Can action be taken by the DOJ before Trump continues his reign of terror on our country? Once he declares he is running for 2024, it will be even harder to move to prosecute because it will look political. But this thread, if pulled, will it unravel the whole thing?

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