Kayleigh Freaks That Biden Didn't Cure Omicron In 21 Days

Kayleigh Freaks That Biden Didn't Cure Omicron In 21 Days

On FOX Business, liar extraordinaire Kayleigh McEnany lied some more. She does this for a LIVING. She even had help from guest host Lauren Simonetti.

Earlier in the program while talking about earnings, Simonetti said, “Let’s talk about corporate earnings because not a lot of people expected that we were going to be hit with another wave of Covid 19.”

Fast forward to the last hour of the program and Simonetti started misstating what President Biden said in his COVID speech on Wednesday.

“What happened was the Omicron virus spread even more rapidly than anybody thought,” Biden said.

The president never said the US was caught off guard, that was in the National Review’s words as far as I can see.

Talking to Kaleigh, Lauren said that President Biden was “caught off-guard with the Omicron variant.”

She continued, “The first detected case of omicron was 21 days ago right here in the US, how are we so caught off guard?”

Fox News, make up your minds!

If anything, the Biden administration has been as prepared as any country could be. We do have a serious problem with one political party pretending vaccines are about “personal freedom” rather than public health, and for that, Kayleigh should check in with her bosses at Fox.

McEnany, the former White House press secretary of lies, said of Biden, “He shouldn’t have been caught off guard …”

She mentioned Robert Redfield’s article stating there would be more COVID variants coming.

McEnany seems to forget that Robert Redfield also said the Trump White House muzzled the CDC during the 2020 Covid outbreak and lied to the American people.

Bygones, right?

“I think the agency, in general, was no longer able to give its weekly and daily briefings that we routinely did that were replaced by White House briefing so that is a true reality,” he answered.

With President Biden, America gets more truth in a single day than they ever have in six years of Trump’s politics.

Trump lied to the American people about COVID, saying it would just go away and to drink bleach as a cure. And he took “no responsibility” for the deaths that ensued.

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