Lin Wood Has Deep State Enemies, But They're Not Who You Think

Lin Wood Has Deep State Enemies, But They're Not Who You Think

As if Lin Wood needed buttering up and ego-stroking before venting his spleen about his hurt fee-fees from being “attacked” by fellow wingnuts.

Stew Peters gassed him up with this epic intro, describing KKKyle Rittenhouse’s interview with Tuckkker Carlson after his acquittal.

“Let’s talk about this attack on you. This was really interesting to watch,” Peters began. “So first, you have what appears to be a well-rehearsed young man, reading from a script on a national platform, he was obviously very well-prepared for it, looked like it was practiced. And in the edited version that Fox decided to air, most likely segments hand-picked by Tucker Carlson, the accusations about you, specifically, were right up front.”

That’s…that’s actually true. Wait a minute.

“Almost immediately, you have people like Rick Grenell, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Michael Flynn, a whole bunch of social media influencers, so-called journalists, Patrick Byrne, all these people attacking you, and it seemed extremely coordinated, at least to me,” he continued. “Marjorie Taylor Greene, a sitting member of the United States Congress, went so far as to call for you to be arrested and jailed, when just hours, days and weeks before that, she and others were celebrating our justice system because it had apparently worked. A system where everyone is afforded the presumption of innocence until proven guilty.”

I mean, Greene is most definitely an opportunistic hypocritical tw*t, so he’s not wrong about that. What is this strange feeling I’m having?

Peters finished by asking, “So, what are your thoughts on this attack, and who do you feel is behind all of it?”

Wood took a dramatic moment before he answered.

“I think it was a planned attack by what I would describe as the Deep State. I look back at it now, and I candidly believe that I was entangled in a psychological operation,” he said.

Well, there was definitely psychology at play, here, but maybe not the kind Wood is thinking.

“I look at the people that have come out and attacked me, the commentators in the media: Tucker Carlson, Dan Bongino, this guy with the fake accent, Sebastian Gorka, the guy that runs Turning Point, USA, Charlie Kirk. Not one of those people ever picked up the phone and tried to reach me to get my side of the story,” Wood complained.

“They’re all in it together. If you want to start identifying Deep State members of the media, start looking at the people, including Sean Hannity, that set this up to attack Lin Wood. Whether General Flynn, Joe Flynn, Marjorie Taylor Greene, and others were involved, I have my own personal opinion on. I have severed my relationship with General Flynn, his brother Joe, I think I was played,” he concluded.

Can it be that I am agreeing with Lin Wood? Except for the Deep State stuff, I am deeply concerned that Wood’s words are true in some weird parallel universe kind of way.

This statement of Wood’s puts me in an extremely awkward spot. Just like the other day, when Trump accidentally told the truth about people who believe the election was stolen from him, here we have Lin Wood accidentally saying something accurate about being played, and there being an attack on him.

Regarding the Deep State, we all know the GQP are masters of projection, and who knows? Perhaps they are the ones who are the demon-worshiping murderous cult, given their slavish devotion to Donald Trump and their determination to kill as many people as possible with COVID.

As for the so-called “coordinated attack” on Wood, I doubt the dumbf*cks he listed could coordinate a game of hopscotch, let alone a sophisticated political attack. What’s more likely is they sniffed out an easy scapegoat on which to blame KKKyle Rittenhouse’s white supremacist proclivities (beyond his murdering two people protesting police shootings of unarmed Black people) and they ran with it. Now Wood wants to play the victim, and the rest of us are thoroughly enjoying all the QANON IN DISARRAY articles appearing in the mainstream media.

JUST KIDDING. The Beltway media is too busy complaining about Vice President Kamala Harris’ headphones to report on this very important GOP infighting. But in the meantime, I am seeking help for this isolated, yet deeply troubling incident of agreement with Lin Wood.

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