Louie Gohmert Claims DOJ Is Reading His Mail

Louie Gohmert Claims DOJ Is Reading His Mail

During the General Speeches segment on the House floor, multi-year winner for World’s stupidest congresscritter Representative Louis Gohmert claimed that the Justice Department was inspecting and reading his mail.

“We have seen that our mail, we’ve gotten two mails just a day apart. One came in September 17, stamped by the Department of Justice as being received, reviewed and examined and another from a Christian missionary to me, and it was reviewed by the Department of Justice,” Gohmert said.

Gohmert made it appear like the DOJ was reading all of his mail as if he was in prison, but Louie just mentioned two pieces from September of 2021.

Why did it take Gohmert five months to mention this?

Gohmert then pivoted to attack the Biden administration claiming the rule of law, the Constitution is not being followed.

Is something up and Gohmert is worried the J6 Committee might have uncovered something on him?

I think we’ve found the worst job at the DOJ

— Noble Prize in Sarcasm (@rewegreatyet) February 8, 2022

They tried reading his mind, but came up empty.

— MaTT FLaMMaBLe (@MaTTFLaMMaBLe) February 8, 2022

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