Madison Cawthorn Promotes Diamond And Silk For SCOTUS Seat

Madison Cawthorn Promotes Diamond And Silk For SCOTUS Seat

We here at Crooks and Liars have some personal “legal” experience with Diamond and Silk. In 2019, Diamond and Silk sent a letter signed by their “legal team,” whose address was a strip mall pack-n-ship, to send fake cease and desist letters to blogs like us.

We think Diamond and Silk might not be SCOTUS material.

Speaking of utterly unqualified people, Rep. Madison Cawthorn, who is now suing to not be banned from running for office in North Carolina because of his ties to the Jan 6th insurrection, continues to disgrace his congressional office.

Cawthorn has been constantly called out by local newspapers for ‘Unforgivable Dereliction Of Duty’, but his whole mission is not to govern.

Rep. Cawthorn is not an actual legislator, but a grievance performance artist — always hoping for much love from Fox News for his antics. And this week he took his right-wing race-baiting to the extreme when he tweeted his support for this inane duo:

This is Cawthorn’s attempt to make the case that all black women are the same and are unqualified for the high court. This includes those currently serving as federal judges.

Diamond and Silk were fired from Fox Nation for spreading COVID conspiracies and lies.

The Newsobserver writes, “the same day he filed the lawsuit in federal court, Cawthorn advanced the conspiracy theory that the Jan. 6 attack was conducted by the FBI or other parts of the Trump administration to discredit Trump. “There were members of the federal government who were deeply involved in this,” he said.

Cawthorn and his ilk are trying to turn as many Americans into seditionists as possible.

Let’s hope North Carolina prevails over him.

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