Michigan GOPer Gives Pep Talk To Pregnant Rape Victims

Michigan GOPer Gives Pep Talk To Pregnant Rape Victims

How bad would you feel if you got pregnant by a rape and got an abortion, and found out later THAT BABY WOULD HAVE BEEN PRESIDENT?

And what if that president WAS THE NEXT DONALD TRUMP?

“We must always protect that DNA, and allow it to have a voice,” this sincere misogynist says.

Via the Washington Post:

When Garrett Soldano was asked on a right-wing podcast how he would “ensure the sanctity of life” in Michigan, the Republican candidate for governor said he would stop at nothing to protect a fetus.

Even in cases where victims of rape become pregnant, Soldano said, “we’re always going to fight for life.”

“They don’t know that little baby inside them may be the next president, may be the next person who changes humanity,” Soldano said on the “Face the Facts” podcast.

Here we go. There’s always an inspirational story about someone they know whose birth mother was gang raped. And it always happened in a big city, never after a rural high school football game.

There’s never an actual name, but we know abortion opponents would never make these stories up, right?

You all know my position: If we are in the business of appropriating people’s bodies for some alleged greater good, I want all these Godly people tested and signed up to volunteer their kidneys, or bone marrow. I mean, I know it’s expensive, painful, and somewhat risky, BUT IT’S GOD’S WILL.

And really, you shouldn’t have the right to say no.

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