Mood Music For Monkeys

Mood Music For Monkeys

If it works, don’t knock it:

Monkeys at Trentham Monkey Forest, in Staffordshire, were serenaded by a Marvin Gaye tribute act in an attempt to encourage the endangered species to mate.

As every new addition is important for the protection of the species, special guest Dave Largie was invited to perform some of the most well-known love songs of all time, to help inspire them to ‘get it on’ and feel ‘sexual healing’.

A spokesman for the park said: “David, a highly experienced love song guru, sang several Marvin Gaye classics to the monkeys whilst in amongst them, and they seemed very relaxed and full of love.

“Some classic Barbary macaque ‘lovey dovey’ behaviour was on display during the performance such as grooming and teeth chattering. Who knows? Maybe there’s something in it and the park will have a record number of babies come the summer.”

Hopefully, they’ll find someone to do Luther Vandross and/or Barry White for the monkeys.

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