Navarro Explodes At 'Traitor' Marc Short Over Failed Jan. 6 Plot

Navarro Explodes At 'Traitor' Marc Short Over Failed Jan. 6 Plot

Former Trump adviser Peter Navarro lashed out at Marc Short, an adviser for Mike Pence, after he defended the former vice president’s decision not to “overturn” the 2020 presidential election.

During a Monday appearance on the War Room podcast with Steve Bannon, Navarro exploded with anger over Short’s appearance on a Sunday news program.

“He took Vice President Pence and put an iron Koch brothers curtain around him!” Navarro shouted. “And from then, Mike Pence was the Manchurian frigging Candidate! He was a prisoner of Marc Short. And come time for Pence to have the back of Trump and he stuck the knife in him.”

Navarro added: “What Short did was stick the knife into Trump using Mike Pence as his useful idiot.”

The former Trump adviser went on to predict that Pence will not have a political future.

“Mike, I don’t want to hear this crap. You are dead politically,” he said.

Later in the program, Navarro also accused Pence of “fundamental treason.”

“That was the treason and he never comes back from that,” he insisted. “Marc Short cost us the White House.”

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