North Carolina Republicans: Madison Cawthorn 'Is An Embarrassment'

North Carolina Republicans: Madison Cawthorn 'Is An Embarrassment'

It’s not just the civilized people of America that are sick and tired of Madison Cawthorn’s attention-seeking, narcissistic act.

Even North Carolina Republicans are calling for his defeat.

Cawthorn made no friends in his own party after he decided to switch districts, and prevented a popular Republican from gaining that seat.

The Citizen Times reports that Charles Jeter Jr., a former state legislator is not pleased with his callous actions and tore into Cawthorn, “This isn’t a noble effort. This is ambitious cowardice at its worst. He’s an embarrassment that we need to defeat.”

How could it be, added Republican political strategist Jim Blaine on Twitter, that this one-term congressman with no discernible record could cow a veteran state lawmaker with encyclopedic achievements? “In what universe does this make sense?” he wrote.

Republican grievance artists with no record or any political accomplishments — like Madison, Boebert, and Greene — are appearing on far-right media networks daily, which is helping them in their fundraising endeavors and gaining popularity with the MAGA cultists. But they appear like buffoons and hucksters to the rest of America, and most importantly, average voters.

Performing a little anti-democratic dance is a plus for these grifters, but not in all of North Carolina.

John Hood, CEO and president of the John Locke Foundation, the secular church of the North Carolina Republican establishment: “Madison Cawthorn is a callow and appallingly ignorant young man who regularly embarrasses conservatives and Republicans, whether they admit it or not.”

“What conservative policy has Cawthorn ever delivered for his district? He’s barely even a lawmaker,” wrote GOP legislative attorney Brent Woodcox. “He just plays one on TV.”

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