Once Again, Kiddie Killer Republicans Have Blood On Their Hands

Once Again, Kiddie Killer Republicans Have Blood On Their Hands

In 13 days, it will be the ninth anniversary of the Sandy Hook mass killing. That’s when we were still naive enough to believe that surely, THIS TIME, as small children — babies, really — were gunned down en masse in their first grade classrooms — surely THIS TIME things would change.


Fast forward to yesterday, when three are dead so far in Oxford, Michigan. We are so conditioned to this now, it will all be forgotten by next week.

“So me wearing a bulletproof backpack to school, with metal detectors, armed guards and active shooter drills is,… ‘the price of freedom’.”

“But you wearing a mask in WalMart for 20 minutes is,… ‘tyranny’?” pic.twitter.com/9ekrreGg1Y

— Roshan Rinaldi (@Roshan_Rinaldi) November 29, 2021


Ok with in schools:
✅ Guns
✅ Active shooter drills
✅ Mass shootings

Not ok with in schools:
❌ Free lunches
❌ Masks
❌ Discussions of racism
❌ Discussions of slavery
❌ Discussions of indigenous people
❌ Discussions of inequality
❌ Pride Flags

— Andrew Wortman 🏳️‍🌈 (@AmoneyResists) December 1, 2021

Students that found themselves in school shootings like those in Oxford High School share text messages of their own close encounters. Emergency operators received over 100 calls from inside Oxford High.

This does not happen anywhere else. pic.twitter.com/b38fGJkg80

— 0 Days Since A Mass Shooting (@0DSLMS) November 30, 2021

We know that the Republican party, Russia, and the National Rifle Association are now welded together.

Republicans Block FEC Probe Of NRA’s Russia Money And President Donald Trump

The NRA and Russia: How A Tax-Exempt Organization Became A Russian Asset

If a person who drives a woman to an abortion clinic is guilty of killing a “child,” what does that make the Republican party and the NRA?

They kill children, every single day. They have blood on their hands.

They’re the Kiddie Killer party. They’re not “controlled” by the gun lobby, they ARE the gun lobby. They will forever be drenched in the blood of children.

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