Pelosi Blasts Reporter For Concern-Trolling Dems

Pelosi Blasts Reporter For Concern-Trolling Dems

Some deeply unfortunate fellow, who is now most definitely bald if he wasn’t before, asked Speaker Nancy Pelosi this utterly inane question during her press conference: “What kind of a message does it send to the American people that even keeping the government open is a struggle? I mean, we’re sitting here talking about whether or not the House and Senate can get it done.”

When will they learn? When will people learn not to mess with Madam Speaker?

“The message is that the obstacle to moving forward with most of what we want to do lies in the Senate in the person of Mitch McConnell,” she answered, before calling out the reporter for asking the question to begin with.

“YOU like to make it look like ‘Oh, you can’t get things done.’ NO. We’ve been trying to pass, we’ve been trying to come together to do the Omnibus bill, but the Republicans will not come to the table to discuss it….And we would hope to have, instead of repeating the Republican message, some accurate depiction of what is going on here.”

Ouch. Got that, Skippy? How about you report on what is actually happening, and stop asking questions to which you already, undoubtedly know the answers? She moved on to Jake Sherman, who asked if the budget doesn’t get passed she would let Congress go home for the weekend.

Pelosi responded that she anticipated it would get passed in a timely fashion, but returned to the previous reporter to focus once again on his absurd line of questioning.

“How do THEY explain to the public that they’re shutting down government because they don’t want people to go get vaccinated? Why don’t you go ask THEM?” she demanded. “This is so SILLY. This is so silly, that we have people who are anti-science, anti-vaccination, saying they’re going to shut down government over that, and you’re asking ME, what’s our message. Our message is that we have to respect governance, we have to respect science, and that’s what we are doing, and we will pass this legislation.”

Here’s a link to a wig shop in DC, Chad. Good luck.

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