Rand Paul Wants An End To All Pandemic Health And Safety Rules

Rand Paul Wants An End To All Pandemic Health And Safety Rules

Libertarian jerk-off Rand Paul claimed with no evidence that all safety regulations put in place to help fight COVID were a failure.

Fox News played a clip of Dr. Fauci from June 17th 2020, giving ammunition to Paul to smear him yet again. Republicans are good at using old clips to make believe they are relevant today.

Senator Paul disputed Dr. Fauci’s claim that shutting down when they did saved millions of lives around the globe. It’s an easy argument to make since there is no way to prove Dr. Fauci right, but Paul didn’t offer any proof to prove him wrong either, since we know Rand Paul lies as easily as he talks.

Sen. Paul then spread horrid misinformation about masking during 2020 and most of 2021 by using the omicron variant, which cloth masks don’t protect against, instead of the initial outbreak and Delta. He also attack social distancing.

“But we also know that when we mandate behavior, when you look at the mandates in other countries or states there was no changes or trajectory,” he lied. (The U.S. has the highest death rate from COVID of anywhere in the world)

“There was no correlation between any of the mandates the government put in place in any change in the incidence of the disease — so it’s an utter failure,” he said, with no evidence to back him up.

He once again called for the removal of Dr. Fauci, because it is conservative conventional wisdom that a public health official who has dedicated his life to protecting people’s health and well-being is some kind of demon.

Paul, who got destroyed by Rachel Maddow when he was first elected so he never showed his face there ever again, claimed masks, social distancing were useless in fighting the spread of the virus.

He’s telling the anti-vax community that anything the CDC said to do was not effective at all, fueling their refusal to get vaccinated and to take proper precautions.

Ever time I see a Republican legislature throw MAGA dog meat (conspiracies) to the MAGA hordes so they can lap it up, I remember the “Planet of the Apes.”

It’s a mad house!

Karoli adds her own thoughts about Rand Paul’s libertarian f*ckery:

My parents are both in a rehab center and I can’t see them because they’re locked down — too much virus in LA County.

I didn’t see them at Christmas and I can’t see them now. Only FaceTime.

Both are depressed and fading.

Screw every one of you anti-vax virus deniers. https://t.co/BroLblv6T2

— Karoli (@Karoli) February 2, 2022

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