Reddit And TikTok Respond To Kellogg's Dick Move

As soon as I saw Reddit regulars in r/antiwork talking up Kellogg’s plan to hire replacements for strikers, I knew their response would be spectacular:

Members of the popular subreddit r/antiwork are coordinating to flood Kellogg’s application system and thwart the company’s attempt to hire scabs to replace 1400 striking workers.

— More Perfect Union (@MorePerfectUS) December 9, 2021

Kellogg’s has fired their striking workers and are trying to hire scabs, so people are flooding them with realistic fake job applications. This is funny and morally good.

— Rebecca Watson (@rebeccawatson) December 9, 2021

Yep. They managed to crash Kellogg’s application system — which is one glaring vulnerability in systems which use machines instead of people. Oh well!

A TikToker wrote code to make it simple:

Old rules don’t work. @KelloggsUS announced it’s firing strikers who refused “designed by strike breaking consultants” offer structured to turn workers against each other. Taking applications online. Milennials/GenZ applied en masse -with no intent of taking jobs. Crashed system.

— Kurt Eichenwald (@kurteichenwald) December 9, 2021

I told earlier how Gen Zrs crashed Kellogg’s website by submitting bogus applications online when it sought job apps from strike breakers to replace union workers. UPDATE: one of them wrote a program which uses random data to submit bogus applications to Kellogg’s 24 hrs a day

— Kurt Eichenwald (@kurteichenwald) December 10, 2021

Kellogg is looking for scabs to screw union workers who are just striking for better wages and working conditions. People on subreddit are inundating the company’s job portal website with fake applications in solidarity. #ONEV1 #wtpBLUE #wtpEARTH

— 𝓒𝓵𝓪𝓲𝓻𝓮 “𝓑𝓮𝓪𝓻” is Vaccinated AF (@clairermassey) December 9, 2021

Reddit isn’t always a warm and wonderful place, but in this case? It’s a bloody Christmas miracle!

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