Researchers: Many Newly Released JFK Docs Are Duplicates

Researchers: Many Newly Released JFK Docs Are Duplicates

JFK researchers say there isn’t much new information in Wednesday’s release of previously classified documents that are part of the government review into the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Via CNN:

The vast majority of the almost 1,500 documents released by the National Archives as new appear to be duplicates of previously released documents with only a few redacted words now revealed, often the name of a CIA case officer or the location of an overseas agency station that investigators had already pieced together. Some have no changes whatsoever.

The release still leaves more than 10,000 documents either partially redacted or withheld entirely, which won’t be seen until December 2022 at the earliest under an order issued by President Joe Biden in October. It has prolonged the bitter debate between the federal government and JFK researchers, who argue that the CIA, the FBI and other national security agencies have continually stonewalled a congressionally mandated release.

“It’s always ‘the next time,'” said the University of Virginia’s Larry Sabato, a leading scholar of the assassination. He called the redactions that were removed in Wednesday’s release “minimal and worthless.”

Many of the documents reportedly relate to JFK’s killer, Lee Harvey Oswald, but CNN reported that “longtime JFK researchers” have tempered expectations for the release’s ability to shed light on the conspiracy-throttled assassination

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