Ron DeSantis Wants Vigilantes In Schools

Ron DeSantis Wants Vigilantes In Schools

Leave it to Ron DeSantis to exploit a ginned-up hysteria AND destroy public education at the same time.

DeSantis announced this week the “Stop WOKE” Act, which will apparently allow citizens to spy on teachers in the classroom and sue them for teaching critical race theory.

Critical race theory is not taught in K-12 schools. But then again, in Republican Hysteria-land, CRT is whatever a wingnut says it is.

Modeled on the Texas abortion law, DeSantis’s proposal would allow “discovery” in the court as to what the teacher is covering in class, and allow citizens to sue a teacher (?) for the content of their instruction.

This is McCarthyism.

I have a master’s degree in education. If I were a classroom teacher in Florida I would live stream all of the content of each class, to make it easy for citizens of Florida to see what I am teaching. I would also make sure my students were not on camera, but that their comments and class discussion on race were part of the video. Florida public schools are very diverse. There is a 100% chance that discussions of race relations would come up from the students in my social studies class. I wouldn’t have to say anything.

Then let Republicans in Florida start suing middle school students for caring about their classmates. I dare you.

Ron DeSantis is just looking for Fox News content that helped him win his election the last time. He needs to GO.

You would think there should be actual pressing issues in Florida that DeSantis would be directing time and resources toward. What a pointless and sad excuse for a governor.

— Christopher Jones (@SeaJones120) December 15, 2021

True, but that doesn’t matter, because DeSantis’ definition of CRT includes telling the truth regarding American racial history. The CRT of law school doesn’t have to be taught to be considered CRT by the GOP.

— Mediocre Milwaukee Man 🇺🇳🌎 (@Brian37974940) December 15, 2021

h/t Ron Filipkowski for the video.

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