Sen. Goober Disturbed That Mitch Helped Dems Raise Debt Ceiling

Sen. Goober Disturbed That Mitch Helped Dems Raise Debt Ceiling

Does anyone listen to Lindsey Graham about anything? His kneejerk instinct is to hide in the shadow of Donald Trump and bark at anyone who doesn’t acknowledge his magnificence, so it’s hard to take him seriously. Here he is, yipping at Chris Wallace yesterday about Mitch McConnell helping the Democrats raise the debt ceiling. Via the Washington Post:

“What I’m worried about is that for four months the Republican Senate said we would not lift a finger to help the Democrats raise the debt ceiling. We would make them use reconciliation,” Graham (R-S.C.) said to “Fox News Sunday” host Chris Wallace. “At the end, we did not make them use reconciliation, which changed the rules of the Senate in a House bill. I don’t like that a lot. … What we did is promised one thing and delivered another.”

Wait! Is Lindsey shocked that Republicans say one thing and do another? Get out the smelling salts! Nah, this is just more community theater, and Lindsey’s playing the Bad Cop. He knows exactly why McConnell made the deal: He was trying to relieve the pressure on Manchin and Sinema to abolish the filibuster.

Before the compromise last week, Graham had reportedly warned his GOP colleagues that McConnell had “led them on a charge up a hill and they were getting shot in the back” on the issue, according to the Hill. Asked whether it was “really such a big deal” on Sunday, Graham said it was and asserted it would have implications for the midterm elections next year.

“It was a big deal to me,” he told Wallace. “If we’re going to be successful in 2022, we’re going to have to work together as a team. And here’s what I would say to every Republican: If you want to be … a Republican leader in the House or the Senate and you don’t have a working relationship with Donald Trump, you cannot be effective. So, I hope we’ll get on the same page here.”

You do you, Lindsey.

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