Snowbird Of The Year Crookie Award: Ted Cruz

Snowbird Of The Year Crookie Award: Ted Cruz

Yes, it takes a special man to turn his back on the people he gets paid to serve in the middle of a power crisis during deadly cold. But Cancun Cruz was more than up to the job. After getting caught, Cruz flew back to Houston and pretended he had just tried to be a good father:

CRUZ: Well, Texas is going through horrific storms and millions of Texans have lost power, lost heat, have been hurting and our family was among them. We had no heat and no power and yesterday, my daughters asked if they could take a trip with friends and Heidi and I agreed, so I flew down with them last night, dropped them off here and now I’m headed back to Texas and back, continuing to work, to try to get the power on. What’s happening in Texas is unacceptable and a lot of Texans are hurting.

Forgive me if I save a Father of the Year award for someone more deserving. But this Snowbird Crookie has Cruz’s name all over it.

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