Tampa Bay Times Blasts DeSantis' Election Police Force

Tampa Bay Times Blasts DeSantis' Election Police Force

[Video above from December 2. — eds.]

The Florida Governor is in the midst of creating his own military force to do his personal bidding, just as any fascist dictator would.

In early December, DeSantis put up massive funds to create his own Florida State Guard, a personal paramilitary force if you like.

Now he’s attempting to create a new investigative unit to enforce election laws. Election laws that DeSantis publicly said were not broken. Election laws that were perfect for the 2020 election.

The Tampa Bay Times’ lede correctly states, “A make-up agency to do make-up work for a made-up problem.”

This is another example of Gov. Ron DeSantis pandering to pro-Trump Republicans who equate losing at the polls with a stolen election.

The idea comes in the wake of accusations from the GOP base that the Republican governor hasn’t sufficiently aped former President Donald Trump’s baseless claims of widespread voter fraud. Not only are the motivations wrong, but the measure has no sense of scale and no sense of the right law enforcement priorities.

If other governors follow his lead and if the legislatures approve, they would have the capabilities to undermine any election they lose or at least cast doubt on the outcomes not favorable to them.

America could have mini banana Republicans springing up like chickens, turning the US Consitution into a farce.

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