Team Trump Wanted An Astronaut To Recount All 2020 Votes

Team Trump Wanted An Astronaut To Recount All 2020 Votes

In a terrific Esquire column, Charles Pierce perfectly summed up the now-released document when he wrote, “Seriously, this thing reads like it was put together by Moe, Larry, and Curly Hitler, except it was received and taken seriously by the stooges who were running the government and organizing resistance to a free election.”

Pierce points out that since Meadows willingly gave the document to the committee before he reneged on cooperating, it’s quite likely, “perhaps through its gathering of texts and voicemails, the committee obtained further evidence that scared Meadows into withdrawing and then suing the committee itself, which is a doomed and futile effort to run out a clock he no longer controls.”

My own guess is that Meadows thought the document, a printout of a PowerPoint presentation, only incriminated someone else. We don’t know who wrote it or who presented it or to whom. In any event, committee chairman Bennie Thompson has clearly released it as a shot across the bow to Meadows.

It’s hard to know whether to laugh or cry when reading the 36-page document.

The Chinese systematically gained control over our election system constituting a national security emergency – The electronic voting machines were compromised and cannot be trusted to provide an accurate vote count – To restore confidence the “failsafe” of counting the paper ballots must be used to determine who won the election for President, Senators, Congressional Representatives – Hand counts reported by the media are not really hand counts and easily subverted

That’s not even the craziest part. On Page 31, we get “Restoring Confidence in the 2020 General Election.” How will Team Trump restore confidence? By having an astronaut figure out a plan to recount all the votes:

A full check to weed out counterfeit paper ballots and then a count of the remaining legal ones across the nation must be done for all races in all states and will accurately determine who the people of America actually elected as our leaders.

A task force led by a trustworthy individual (we recommend Sid Gutierrez: NASA Astronaut, retired Air Force Colonel, Center Director at a National Laboratory) produce a standard procedure that will be required and will include full accountability so that counterfeit ballots are excluded and legal ballots are not lost, modified, substituted, or added in.

Then Trump would use the military and various federal agencies to seize all the ballots, from all 50 states, and have the National Guard do the counting, in a “completely transparent” process:

▪ US Marshals will immediately secure all ballots and provide a protective perimeter around the locations in all 50 states.

▪ DHS will use their emergency response logistic capabilities to support the effort. They will integrate the IT support that will include separating out the legal from the counterfeit ballots and communications with all supporting the effort and cameras (Possibly cell phones) imaging each and every ballot. These images will be distributed to the Internet.

▪ The federalized National Guard in each state will be supplied detailed processes and be responsible for counting each legitimate paper ballot. Teams made up of three (first couple counties will be five) National Guard members will do the counting. As the counting occurs each ballot will be imaged and the images placed on the Internet so any US citizen can view them and count the ballots themselves. The process will be completely transparent.

The document concludes with options for Vice President Mike Pence to overturn the election results or delay the certification:

▪ VP Pence seats Republican Electors over the objections of Democrats in states where fraud occurred

▪ VP Pence rejects the electors from States where fraud occurred causing the election to be decided by remaining electoral votes

▪ VP Pence delays the decision in order to allow for a vetting and subsequent counting of the all the legal paper ballots

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