Trudeau Declares Canada Trucker Protests A State Of Emergency

Trudeau Declares Canada Trucker Protests A State Of Emergency

Don’t let anyone tell you that Trumpism isn’t contagious. Look at what’s going on in Canada now, and it’s spreading around the world. Via CNN:

“In Canada, thousands of protesters joined the anti-vaccine trucker demonstrations that began a week ago from western Alberta to Quebec, it is adding to chaos on the streets. The police chief is calling it a nationwide insurrection driven by madness. Paula Newton is in Ottawa. What do these demonstrators want?” Brianna Keilar said on CNN New Day.

“This started out as a trucking protest, right. They had to get vaccinated, a vaccine mandate not just for Canada but the United States so they could cross the border,” Paula Newton reports.

“But it touched a nerve, Brianna, in a loud minority here in this country, that are just fed up with all the restrictions. When we start hearing that language, look, they’re saying what’s happening now, two weekends. It’s been going on over 10 days, spreading across the country in fits and starts. It is here in Ottawa, Brianna, where you have certainly the epicenter. Residents here and city officials are calling this an occupation, not a protest anymore.

“The truckers are digging in. And they have a lot of support behind them. There have been fire, as you can imagine, meetings virtually. The police services board chair saying this was essentially an insurrection driven by madness. I want you to hear from the police chief and how he responded.”

The oath of office — I and my office swore never intended to deal with a city under siege, a threat to our democracy, a nationwide insurrection driven by madness. There is no concrete plan for such a scenario as you have described.

“You know, the police chief has gotten reinforcements. He thinks perhaps it might take the military, Brianna, if you can imagine, to help solve this problem in Ottawa. I spoke to the defense minister’s staff. They said there is no intention to do that. Here’s the problem, though. How do you remove those big rigs? “

She said they are right in front of Trudeau’s office, and that legislators have to pass the protest every day when they go to work.

Sikhs, who make up the majority of Canadian truckers, are speaking out.

Gagan Singh is the spokesperson for the United Truckers Association in B.C. and says key issues are not being talked about.

“It’s all about safety and pay structure for the truckers. This is kind of a small thing. Yes, people unite on something. But the background is people are upset about a lot of other issues and those issues are not being represented by those folks.”

Singh adds the majority of South Asians are vaccinated, as many efforts were put in place to encourage vaccination among the community.

Oh look, Eduardo. ⬇️⬇️⬇️

Know why we don’t have empty shelves?

90% of our truckers are vaccinated, and ON THE JOB.

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Live now, Germany is mobilising for a huge Europe Truckers for Freedom. let the world know and offer support. Many European countries are starting their caravans now. rt and follow us for more videos

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