Two-Faced Tucker Asked Hunter Biden For Help Getting Son Into College

Two-Faced Tucker Asked Hunter Biden For Help Getting Son Into College

As part of the right-wing civil war between Kyle Rittenhouse’s former attorney Lin Wood and Rittenhouse-lover Tucker Carlson, Wood released documents doxxing both Carlson and the president’s son. The documents show that Carlson asked then-Vice President Biden’s son for a letter of recommendation for his own Buckley and that nice-guy Hunter Biden happily helped.

Lost in the crazy of doxxing the son of the president and a major TV infotainer: TUCKER CARLSON ASKED HUNTER BIDEN TO WRITE HIS SON A COLLEGE RECOMMENDATION LETTER.

— Mike Rothschild (@rothschildmd) December 3, 2021


The Tucker/Hunter Biden email was first put on Telegram not by Lin Wood, but a few hours earlier by his buddy David Clements, who is on Telegram as “The Professor’s Record” and is another stolen election crank.

— Mike Rothschild (@rothschildmd) December 3, 2021

Carlson was so appreciative of Hunter Biden’s effort, that he said in the email, “Hope you’re great and we can all get dinner soon.” It suggests that he was already pals with Biden’s son during the 2014 email exchanges. 2014 is the same year that Hunter Biden joined the board of the Ukrainian company Burisma and supposedly became part of some Biden-family corruption scheme.

We don’t know if Tucker and Hunter all had dinner after the VP’s son was “so nice” to write the letter for Buckley but we do know that F***y Tucky returned the favor by fully engaging in his network’s smear campaign against Hunter Biden, right up until Carlson found a smidgen of decency and declared that while it was “probably too strong to say we feel sorry for” “fallen” Hunter Biden, Carlson also said, “I never never thought Hunter Biden was a bad person” and that “pounding on a man, jumping on, and piling on when he’s already down is something we don’t want to be involved in.”

Apparently coming clean with the whole truth is another something Carlson doesn’t want to be involved in. At the time of Carlson’s reversal, C&L’s Susie Madrak wrote, “there’s gotta be more to this story.” She was right and now we know at least part of the rest of it.

We can file this latest Carlson hypocrisy up there with the fact that the prime time anti-vaxxer has been vaccinated, that he attacks Biden’s vaccine mandate while working for a network with a more stringent policy, and that while he endangers reporters’ lives on the air, he sucks up to the media off the air.

Sadly, Carlson’s virulent bigotry seems 100% genuine.

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