U.S. Leads World In COVID Deaths

U.S. Leads World In COVID Deaths

Fox News and Republican lawmakers have made “freedom” to “not get vaccinated” their Waterloo.

Because of their blatant disregard for the health and safety of Americans, the US leads the world in a horrific distinction.

The NY Times reports, “Two years into the pandemic, the coronavirus is killing Americans at far higher rates than people in other wealthy nations, a sobering distinction to bear as the country charts a course through the next stages of the pandemic.”

“Devi Sridhar, head of the global public health program at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland remarked that US death rates are “eye-watering.”

Since Dec. 1, when health officials announced the first Omicron case in the United States, the share of Americans who have been killed by the coronavirus is at least 63 percent higher than in any of these other large, wealthy nations, according to a New York Times analysis of mortality figures.

Fox News has been bombarding their airwaves with “freedom from vaccines” crap through all of 2021, and now 2022.

Being an arm of the GOP’s opposition research department shouldn’t give any media outlet like Fox the license to help infect as many people as possible.

Throwback to the time when Traitor Trump said it would go away “like a miracle,” not to mention the “drink bleach” portion of his so-called presidency.

That’s stupid. If someone with glaucoma dies of COVID, Trump says that doesn’t “count” as a COVID death.

He’s just playing with numbers to escape responsibility. It won’t work. pic.twitter.com/55DLzFp6TH

— Frances Langum 🧶 (@bluegal) September 2, 2020

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