Why Not Crooks And Liars?

Why Not Crooks And Liars?

With each passing day, the internet changes.

Multi-billion-dollar venture capitalists, corporations, and shadowy right-wing donors funnel extraordinary amounts of money into new ventures to promote their political agenda.

Social media companies like Facebook, Twitter, and Google dictate way too much on how people view their news, sports, culture, and opinions. And where their advertising dollars go.

The right-wing nutososphere is pouring billions of dollars into the pipeline tying trying to create a one-voice America that is more like a fascist theocracy instead of a US democracy.

We have the Substacks, Patreons, and a host of other types, etc., but why not subscribe or donate to Crooks and Liars as well?

We have well over a billion page views and that’s because what we’ve offered through the years has been truth and honesty and putting a spotlight on media malfeasance and right-wing authoritarianism and conspiracy theory quackery.

With Crooks and Liars, you’re getting hundreds of articles each week, a huge bargain in the new landscape of online journalism.

With all these billionaires and more corporations trying to take over, independent journalists and voices like ours are in danger.

And unless we magically acquire a multi-million dollar legal team, we have no recourse with Facebook and Google, and Twitter when they screw us.

Please, help us out.

You can donate to PayPal or through Kindest.

Or you can send a check via snail mail to:

PO Box 1789
Pacific Palisades, CA 90272

Any donation will be welcomed with open arms.

We really want to be around to fight for liberal values and truth in journalism in the future.

The country needs it now, more than ever. Thank you.

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