156th Meeting of Kansas Academy of Science hosted by ESU | News

156th Meeting of Kansas Academy of Science hosted by ESU | News

Scientists gathered in the Memorial Union on Apr. 5 and 6 to celebrate new ideas and upcoming research. This year’s meeting marks the 156th annual Kansas Academy of Science meeting, which comprises scientists from across Kansas. Founded in 1868, KAS allows scientists of all ages to submit research and network within their respective fields.

The event kicked off on Friday, with an afternoon hike through Tallgrass Prairie and was followed by a keynote speech by Dr. Dennis O’Rourke. Saturday morning followed, beginning early with oral presentations. Presentations were given by a wide range of people, with undergraduate students, graduate students, professors, and retired professors giving presentations on their latest research. While oral presentations were given, the halls were also lined with research posters for members to read.

After lunch and a keynote presentation given by Dr. Kristen Baum, awards were presented to those who brought their research to the event. 

The winners for each category were as follows:

Undergraduate Oral Presentation

1st Place Nathan Neufeld

2nd Place Richard Wolf

3rd Place Michael Tweed


Graduate Oral Presentation

1st Place Brandon Franta*

2nd Place Jack Systma

3rd Place (tie) Tucker Eckols* and Trevor Jones*


Undergraduate Poster

1st Place Cole VandeVelds

2nd Place Madison Atha

3rd Place (tie) Jordyn Lowrie and Taylor Evans


Graduate Poster

1st Place Heather Forster

2nd Place Meghan Cashell*

3rd Place P. Alex Swider*


*Indicates a student at Emporia State University


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