Earth Day 2022: Theme, Facts, Latest Events, and Celebrations

Earth Day 2022: Theme, Facts, Latest Events, and Celebrations

Each year on April 22, billions of people across the globe join together to raise awareness about environmental protection. This global event is known as Earth day. Earth Day was first celebrated in the United States on April 22, 1970. Today around 1 billion people in 193 countries take part in Earth Day and resolve to protect the environment and biodiversity. Now, time has come for Earth Day 2022.

Earth Day 2022 Date

Earth day, also known as International Mother Earth day, is celebrated each year on April 22. The main aim is to raise awareness about the growing concerns of overpopulation, loss of biodiversity, and depleting quality of the environment. This year Earth day will happen on Fri, April 22, 2022.

Earth Day Brief History

Although the first Earth Day celebration was held on April 22, 1970, the foundation was laid in 1968.
In 1968, the US Public Health Service organized the Human Ecology Symposium. The event invited students to come and listen to scientists talking about the impact of the deteriorating environment on human health.
Two years later, US senator and environmental activists Gaylord Nelson demanded the creation of an environmental agency. A massive protest was organized in which students from thousands of universities, schools, and communities took part. The date was April 22, 1970, the first Earth Day.
Later in 1972 the US government formed the Environmental Protection Agency and passed the Clean Air Act.
Year 1990, Earth Day went global, with more than 140 countries participating in the event.
In 1995 senator Nelson, the man behind the Earth Day movement, was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom.
In 2017, the first non-partisan” March for Science” took place on Earth Day.
2020 marked the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. However, the event was organized on digital platforms due to Covid19.

Earth Day 2022 Theme

Earth Day Organization has made the official announcement. The theme for Earth Day 2022 is “Invest In Our Planet.”

The key point here is to act in a bold way, innovate in a broad way, and implement in an equitable manner.

Every government, every business, and every individual in this world has a voice. There is not going to be one person who can do it all. But now is the time. Together, we can make a difference. We need to act as a team altogether.

Sustainability is the answer to sustainable prosperity. Smart and Innovative companies are realizing that going green will help us all. It is now vital that all business leaders must become engaged in shaping the future for sustainability.

It’s time to take the benefit of a green economy by adopting it. All governments need to encourage society, institutions, and businesses to build a framework for supporting a stable future.


With the help of the public and government, innovation in the private sector is bringing the change we need to support our planet at a fast pace. It is time to build a sustainable future. Let us unite and make the world a better place to live.

Our choices, social actions, and personal communication give us the power to make our voices heard. We all influence the pace of corporate and government activity through what we do and how we do it for the betterment of the earth.

To prevent climate change, all of us have to act boldly now. If not, our economy would suffer more severe damage, more loss, scarcity of resources, and unemployment.

All Earth Day Themes

2021 – Restore Our Earth: Earth Day 2021 theme emphasized that everything on Earth is interdependent. Therefore we have to protect Earth to protect everyone.
2020 – Climate Action: In 2020, Earth Day focused on climate and urged people to take actions against climate change.
2019 – Protect Our Species: With ”Protect Our Species” theme, Earth Day brought to attention the destruction human activities have caused.
2018 – End Plastic Pollution: In 2018, Earth Day urged people to understand the harms of plastic and limit its use.
2017 – Environmental & Climate Literacy: In 2017, Earth Day theme focused on making people aware of climate change.
2016 – Trees for the Earth: In 2016, Earth Day celebration raised awareness about the shrinking tree cover. It encouraged people to plant more trees and prevent deforestation.
2015 – It’s Our Turn to Lead: Earth Day 2015, demanded commitment from people, leaders, and activists to protect the environment.
2014 – Green Cities: Not concrete jungles, but cities full of vegetation for a healthy environment. This was the theme of Earth day 2014.
2013 – The Face of Climate Change: The Earth Day 2013 theme was,” The Face of Climate”. The aim was to draw the public’s attention to the bad effects of climate change.
2012 – Mobilize the Earth: Earth Day 2012, ”Mobilize the Earth” theme requests that every individual should take part in protecting the planet.
2011 – Clear the Air: In 2011 the Earth Day theme urged people to restrict activities that pollute the air. Furthermore, it asked people to take steps to clean the air.
2010 – A Billion Acts of Green: Even small efforts can go a long way to protecting the environment. That was the aim of the 2010 ”A Billion Acts of Green” Earth day theme.
2009 – How Do You Get Around: In 2009, Earth Day celebration revolved around finding ways to reduce the ill effects of climate change.
2008 – Trees Please: Without trees, the Earth will become lifeless. Therefore, Earth Day 2008 urged people to protect trees.
2007 – Be Kind to the Earth – starting from saving resources: Earth resources are limited, and therefore we need to spend them wisely. Earth day 2007 focused on protecting natural resources.
2006 – Science and Faith: We should put our faith in science and devise methods to protect our planet.
2005 – Healthy Environment for Children: In 2005, Earth Day aimed to inspire people to protect the environment for future generations.

Earth Day 2022 Latest Events and Updates

Latest Event Update 2:Invest In Our Planet” is the theme of Earth Day 2022. EDO (Earth Day Organization) has made this official announcement On Jan. 12, 2022. Visit for more information.

Latest Event Update 1: At COP26, the United Nations Climate Change Conference,, and African Youth Initiative on Climate Change organized intergenerational dialogue with leaders from three African countries, Kenya, Zimbabwe, and Uganda.

“Check NASA video below to understand key concepts related to our mother earth.”

Earth Day Facts

The first Earth in 1970 attracted millions of students who demonstrated for conserving nature.
The date April 22 was chosen mainly to attract students. It’s because most of the universities start spring break in April.
The first Earth Day was hugely successful. It resulted in the creation of several acts to protect nature. Some of them were, Clean Air Act, the Endangered Species Act, the Water Quality Improvement Act, the Substances Control Act, etc.
Earth day began in the US, but in 1990, the event went global. Two hundred million people in more than 141 nations participated in the event.
Although it’s mainly called ”Earth Day,” the United Nations in 2009 named the event International Mother Earth Day.

How to Celebrate Earth Day 2022?

The Covid19 pandemic is still looming large. Therefore it’s essential to ensure safety first. Still, here are some exciting ways you could celebrate Earth Day 2022;

Read Poems: As a parent, you can teach your children poems related to earth day. Through this, they will learn the importance of our mother earth.
Take Virtual Tour to Forest and Aquarium: Spend some time with nature without leaving your house. There are multiple platforms online that allow you to take a virtual tour of forests or aquariums.
Save Energy: The way we generate energy has a big impact on our planet. Therefore, this Earth Day, adopt energy-saving measures and help protect the planet.
Pledge to Limit the Use of Plastic: The ill-effects of plastics are too many. Therefore, celebrate Earth day by limiting the use of plastics.
Volunteer for Planet Saving Activities: Search online for Earth Day activities in your area. You may go on beach cleaning, awareness rallies, or other group activities.

We, humans, are trying very hard to decode the mysteries of space and reach other planets. But throughout the vastness of space, our precious tiny planet is the only place that can harbor life. Right now, it’s the only place we have got. And it needs saving from the very species that claim to be the most intelligent on this planet. Earth Day is not just a movement, it’s a hope that everything’s not lost. That we still care for our planet and are ready to do whatever it takes to protect it. Earth Day 2022 will be on the 22nd of April. Make sure to participate in it. Make sure to take action, a step toward a better and safer tomorrow.

You can also check another important global event – Earth Hour 2022.

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