Will the Cowboys draft a quarterback?

Will the Cowboys draft a quarterback?

The Cowboys enter the draft with an unsettled future at the quarterback position. Will that prompt them to draft a quarterback?

Why wouldn’t it? Eight years ago, they targeted Paxton Lynch in round one before settling for Dak Prescott in round four at a time when Tony Romo seemed to be closing in on the end of his career.

This time around, Prescott is one season away from becoming a free agent, and the Cowboys will have no way to keep him on the team. If he wants to leave, he will.

That makes it critical for the Cowboys to have a viable Plan B.

Maybe it’s Cooper Rush. Maybe it’s Trey Lance. Or maybe it’s somebody they like who slips to a spot where the Cowboys opt to squat on someone who could take over, if Dak leaves.

Even if it’s a leverage play, the Cowboys need to have someone ready to go, in the event Prescott signs with a new team. He possibly will. If he does, again, the Cowboys need to be ready.

Some think they traded for Lance for that reason only, to give them protection against Dak not staying. They know after a year with Lance whether he can be trusted with the job. If they have doubts, they’ll need someone else.

We’ll find out in 15 days whether they’ll draft someone who can be that someone else.

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