10 Tips to Decorating Your Home Office to Increase Productivity

10 Tips to Decorating Your Home Office to Increase Productivity

Nowadays, more and more people are working from home. This means that more people are going to realize how important it is to decorate their home offices to increase productivity. After all, one big advantage of working from home is the freedom you get, especially when it comes to working space.

So, if you are working from home, don’t waste the opportunity to improve your home office. To help you with that, here are 10 tips you can do to decorate your home office. Not only for fun but also to increase your performance.

1. Natural daylight

Since you won’t be working from the office anymore, you are now able to take advantage of natural daylight. Natural daylight could enhance your mood and make you ready for work, thus increasing your productivity.

The first thing you should do is make sure all the windows are open and nothing is blocking them. Then, move your desk, so you get to be working right under natural daylight. Feel free to experiment with the best desk and furniture arranged to maximize exposure to natural daylight.

2. Find a comfortable chair

The thing with chairs is that they are both practical and aesthetic. Shopping for the best chair for your home office could be fun and exciting as well. The key here is to choose a chair that could support your back properly, so you can work for hours without getting tired. Think of it as a long-term investment that could improve your productivity by a lot. So do your research well and don’t be afraid to spend extra money on a good chair.

3. Desk in a power position

I personally love this tip. A power position for your desk is any place in which you will be facing the door of your office. The idea here is that by facing the door, you will know when somebody might come in and who is coming in. This way, you won’t feel tense all the time, thinking if someone is coming into your home office or not.

4. Create a separate reading spot

A home office is also a great place for reading books. And reading a book is a great way to spend your breaks by keeping your mind active. Ideally, you want your reading spot to be somewhere separate from your working desk and with enough natural daylight. Or just a spot where you think you can relax completely. There are so many things you can do to create the best reading spot in your home office, check out DecoBizz for more ideas.

5. Declutter your home office

Decorating your home office doesn’t mean that you have to put more things in there. In fact, removing some items could improve your home office by a lot. Clear your desk of all clutter that could distract you. Only put important things on your desk, like a monitor, laptop, keyboard, notebook, etc., and nothing else. Don’t forget about the rest of the room as well.

6. Give your home office more space

Related to the tip above, sometimes less is more. If you feel like you are getting suffocated while working from home, then perhaps you need more space. Try to get rid of some pieces of furniture, decorations, or any items, that you don’t need. Especially the area where you are walking in and out of the office and the back of your chair, so you can sit down and walk away freely.

7. Go paperless and wireless

Are you still in the spirit of less is more? Then you will like this tip. Rearrange your home office, so you don’t see a single sheet of paper or wires hanging around. Nowadays, you can go completely digital and wireless. Get a wireless and keyboard and try to hide wires coming out from other parts of your computer today.

8. Get a standing desk

A standing desk is getting more popular now among people who work from home. If you are tired of sitting down while working, consider investing in a standing desk. Even better, get a desk that can extend and collapse with a press of a button. This way, you can choose between working while sitting down or standing up.

9. Put reminders of your goals

If you ever need more motivation to keep working optimally, try putting reminders of your goals in your home office. These reminders can be a framed picture, clip note, painting, etc. Pretty much anything that has sentimental value to you. Put or hang these reminders in your home office, preferably somewhere visible.

10. Fresh and light color scheme

Sometimes all you need is a fresh coat of pain. A home office shouldn’t be dull like an ordinary office. If you love bright colors, why not use them for your home office? Try using light and calming colors like lavender, blue, and green, and see how much better your home office is now.


Decorating your home office could go a long way. If you think you need to decorate or rearrange your home office, then you should do it now. Believe me that you won’t regret it.

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