5 Jobs Ideal For the Business Savvy Housewife

5 Jobs Ideal For the Business Savvy Housewife

Nowadays, being a housewife isn’t an excuse to not have a job on the side. Thanks to how easy it is now to create a business or work from home, you should act now. In fact, many housewives are now either running their own businesses or working from home. If you have some ideas of what kind of business you want to run or what job you want to do, then perhaps now is the best time to start. But if not, don’t worry, I have 5 great ideas of jobs ideal for business savvy housewives.

Freelance writing

For many years now, many freelance writers from all over the world have tasted success. Many of them are writing for websites, companies, or individuals. And if you think about it, writing is a fantastic job for business-savvy and busy housewives. First, you can start your working career today by applying for a job on any freelancing platform. Second, you can work from home and let your creativity flows. Now, unless you have a strict deadline, you can take breaks whenever you want, too.

Being a writer also has plenty of room for growth. You can read more books, blogs, and articles to broaden your perspective and learn new words. There are also plenty of jobs available, from writing a blog article to a novel. If you are good at writing, I am sure you will never run out of work. Furthermore, if you are good at the business side of things, you can definitely boost your writing career with your skills.

Travel agent/planner

Being a travel agent/planner isn’t easy. But if you think you are a business savvy housewife, I am sure this job might suit you. This might also be one of the most underrated jobs for housewives today. The reason is that as a travel agent/planner, you will get many customers who are struggling to book their own trips. And not to mention that people love being offered a discount on plane tickets.

As a travel agent/planner, you can also work independently. This requires you to be active and great at talking and making deals. If you love traveling too, I am sure this job can be really fun for you. And of course, you get to earn a decent amount of money every month. You can think of this as a lifehack for business savvy housewives, and you can find more of it on Riot Housewives.

Virtual assistant

I think many business savvy housewives would prefer to work as virtual assistants nowadays. As a VA you are taking care of many things, from the professional schedule, managing people and appointments, organizing files for meetings, and more. Typically, a VA is seen as a jack-of-all-trades who knows many aspects of running a business. Even better if you have the experience of being an assistant.

So as a VA, expect to do many practical online tasks. These can be simple tasks, like emailing, responding to customers, scheduling, etc. For some jobs, you may also require calling people and other more complicated things. Make sure you read the job description before accepting it, so you’ll know the scope of your job.

Social media management

No business can survive on the internet with a strong online presence. If you know how to run a business, then you should know about social media management. Business and social media make a strong combination for everyone.

Being a social media manager means that you have to take care of your social media presence, interact with the audience, and engage people with new posts. Many social media people that I know love this job so much. Because not only it is a relatively new field, but being able to work on a social media page can be fun in its own way.

Online tutoring

Learning new things online has become so popular nowadays. From young people to seniors, everyone loves to learn via the internet. If you think you are business savvy, then why not teach business skills online?

In order to teach people online, you need some tools that allow you to communicate with other people via video call and text messaging. Then, you need to figure out if you want to go independent or become a part of a company.


Being a business-savvy housewife means that you have plenty of opportunities. These five jobs listed here should suit you well, as you can work while still being close to your family. And one thing for sure is that these jobs are not to be underestimated. If you do your job properly, you can make serious money and build a stable career.

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