Bethesda update Fallout 4 for your “next-generation PC”

Bethesda update Fallout 4 for your “next-generation PC”

Likely to capitalise on the hype generated by BezosTech’s (by many accounts, pretty entertaining) Fallout TV show, Bethesda are spiffing up Fallout 4 with a new update, including widescreen and ultra-widescreen support, fixes to Creation Kit, and a “variety of quest updates.”

The update is slated for this month, April 25th. A new quest, “Echoes of the Past,” sees you going up against the Enclave. Alongside this are new workshop items including previously released Creation Club content, such as Enclave uniforms, weapons and armor skins, new power armour, a Tesla Cannon, and a Heavy incinerator. Here are a few more additions, via the update:

Makeshift Weapon Pack

Ever thought a piggy bank would make a great weapon in a pinch? This weapon pack includes a variety of unconventional objects that have been transformed into deadly weapons, such as: a baseball launcher, a nail gun and a piggy bank.

Halloween Workshop

Leftover from an ill-fated Halloween party, thrown by the New England Technocrat Society, these 38 new Halloween decorations include witches, cauldrons, ghouls and more! Decorate for Halloween or make your settlements spooky all year round!

Despite Bethesda advertising it as “for your next-generation PC” (the one Todd recommended you upgrade to, nice man that he is) this isn’t, or at least doesn’t appear to be, the promised “next-gen update” for the RPG that Bethesda last year announced would be delayed until sometime this year. It doesn’t seem to feature the slated 4K resolutions, but its possible Beth scaled back on their ambitions here. The main motivation for such updates are usually to shift units on next-gen consoles, and this update does feature “native applications for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S, Performance mode and Quality mode settings.”

If you’re keen for some actually exciting Fallout news, though, you’re best off looking outside Bethesda themselves, whose main attention seems to be understandably directed at updating Starfield. Huge mod Project London got a release date in January (23rd of this month!), and Fallout 2 recreation Project Arroyo recently showed off a comparison trailer. Hopefully, Beth themselves can funnel some of those Jeffbucks into what the people (me) actually want, which is Dishonored 3.

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