Google Vids looks like a fancy, AI-powered version of PowerPoint

Google Vids looks like a fancy, AI-powered version of PowerPoint


  • Google Vids offers an AI-based solution for easy video creation, making it accessible for Workspace users even without video editing skills.
  • The tool is set to launch in June as part of Google Workspace updates, along with other AI-based enhancements like a security add-on and new features for Sheets.
  • Google continues to integrate AI into its products, pushing boundaries by creating innovative tools for tasks like video creation and shopping assistance.

Like it or not, it’s becoming easier to find tools and services that have integrated AI technology to make common tasks easier. Google’s suite of apps has quickly become a hub of products that feature Gemini AI, which can then be used everywhere from the workplace to your home. If presentations have been a pain point for you at work, for example, Google has now developed an AI-based tool just for that — but it’s being positioned as an easy-to-use video creator.


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As Google announced on its blog, the company has debuted a new Workspace app called Vids. Not to be confused with the ill-fated Google Video platform or the still-active Google Videos search tool, Vids is a standalone AI-based app that was developed to help users create video content, positioned right alongside other productivity tools like Google Docs and Slides.

The tech giant is rolling out Google Vids as a part of several updates launched for Google Workspace, in particular. Some of the other developments that were revealed include an AI-based security add-on, a new tables feature for Google Sheets, and a translation tool for Google Meet.

How Google wants to make video creation easier

Vids is designed to make video creation a task that anyone can handle, even without refined video editing skills. With the AI tool, you can piece together a video with everything from stock footage to background music. Vids also frames your creation in a storyboard-like setup for easy editing — simply move around portions of your generated video until you have the final look you want. Upon announcing the tool, Google specified that Vids will officially launch this June for Workspace Labs.

It could be argued that Vids is little more than a fancier presentation developer tool, but at the least, it’s one more way Google is trying to integrate AI into its products and services. Recently, the company even went as far as to refine its shopping tool by adding AI to the mix — you can now queue up images to help you create a new style or find specific items of clothing. While you might not have envisioned such a tool ever being created, Google is delivering on this front, whether its audience wants it or not.

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