Magic Editor & other Google Photos AI tools going free

Magic Editor & other Google Photos AI tools going free

In a rather significant expansion, Google is making its AI-powered editing tools in Photos free without a subscription for all users, including the Magic Editor introduced with the Pixel 8.

Previously, these features required either a Google One subscription or owning a Pixel. The biggest feature going free is Magic Eraser, which first launched on the Pixel 6 in 2021. Last year, Google brought it to all Pixel phones and Google One subscribers, including on iOS. It can remove identified people, objects, and other distractions, with the ability to manually select by circling. A Camouflage mode lets you change the color of things to “help them blend in.”

The full list of what’s going free includes:

  • Magic Eraser
  • Unblur
  • HDR effect for photos & videos
  • Portrait blur
  • Portrait light: Add light/Balance light features in the Portrait light tool
  • Color pop
  • Sky suggestions
  • Cinematic photos
  • Styles in collage editor
  • Video effects

Google says “you’ll also be able to access these features on more devices, including Pixel tablets.” It will specifically be available for Android 8.0+ and iOS 15+ devices with at least 3GB of RAM, while your Chromebook Plus must run ChromeOS 118+.

Meanwhile, Magic Editor is dropping its Pixel 8 series exclusivity and coming to “all Pixel devices.” Generative AI allows for drag-and-drop Photoshop with the ability to reposition subjects, as well as change their size. You can adjust the sky, including removing clouds.

Furthermore, “all Google Photos users on Android and iOS will get 10 Magic Editor saves per month.” To make more edits, you need a Pixel or Google One Premium (2TB and above) plan.

Magic Editor has its own list of minimum system requirements. This expanded availability is coming May 15 and the rollout will take several weeks.

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