Microsoft is bringing its Xbox dashboard to the web with party chat and more

Microsoft is bringing its Xbox dashboard to the web with party chat and more

Microsoft is previewing a new Xbox Cloud Gaming interface today that includes the social features and UI you’d normally find in the Xbox dashboard. The new interface includes access to a web version of Xbox party chat, so you can use a browser to join a call with friends instead of the dedicated Xbox desktop and mobile apps.

The updated web interface also includes the ability to find and manage Xbox friends, send messages, view user profiles and achievements, and even access notifications. Microsoft is testing this initially with Xbox Insiders before rolling this interface out to all Xbox Cloud Gaming users.

As this new interface is part of Xbox Cloud Gaming, most of it will also be available on smart TVs and Meta’s Quest VR headsets, too. The Xbox party chat feature on the web isn’t currently available on smart TVs just yet, though.

The Xbox Cloud Gaming interface had already been modeled on the Xbox console Home screen UI, so additional Guide features is a great improvement. Most of this functionality was only available once you launched an Xbox cloud game, so being able to start an Xbox party chat on the web and have it continue between game sessions will be very useful for Xbox Cloud Gaming players.

The Xbox party chat interface on the web.
Screenshot by Tom Warren / The Verge

As always, Microsoft is only previewing this new interface today, so it could be some months before all Xbox Cloud Gaming users will be able to get access to these new features.

Microsoft is also launching new game hubs in its Xbox app for Windows, allowing PC players to track game progress, access add-ons, and get news from developers inside the Xbox app. The Xbox April console update is also starting to roll out to all consoles today, with an option to mute the Discord soundboard, notifications for OneDrive game capture storage space, and new options for restricting the ability to install games or apps on an Xbox console.

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