Pen Testing Leading To Business Innovation

Pen Testing Leading To Business Innovation

Penetration testing is also called pen test and ethical hacking. It is an official cyber-attack on the computer system, performed to assess the security of the system. The test is executed to pinpoint weaknesses, incorporating the probability for illegal parties to attain access to the system’s data and features and strengths. This allows complete risk assessment to be accomplished.

Organizations are looking for the best pen testing companies. These companies have pen testing experts and specialists who can resolve any security-related issues. Hence, it would not be wrong to say that pen testing leads to business innovation. In fact, pen-testing tools are incorporated by companies to streamline their software security testing methodologies.

Keeping this scenario in mind, we are presenting some scenarios via which pen testing is leading to business innovation.

The Present Technique of Incorporating Pen Testing By Companies

Nowadays, the majority of the companies follow the practice of applying and executing pen testing either bi-annually or annually. Usually, these pen testing services are attained from any third-party company, and then testing reports are gathered from the pen testing companies regarding the errors and vulnerabilities in the system. Companies then evaluate the outcomes and suggestions offered by third-party pen testing companies to resolve those detected data breaches and errors. Nevertheless, companies are required to grasp that if they will manage fixing software susceptibilities, they will not be solved, rather than this there will be wastage of efforts and time.

Majority of the pen testing companies hand over a huge PDF file of recommendations and suggestions on the susceptibilities that they have pinpointed in the customer software app and product. To take out the list of probable and most operational fixtures from that list is sometimes considered efficient. This is because of the time allocated analyzing long pages. This technique of executing pen testing is not efficient. This is because it is not clear which errors are fixed and which are not resolved.

Does Pen-testing and Business Innovation Go Hand In Hand?

Companies can adopt a modern framework of penetration testing by getting services from 3rd parties. The latest framework is called Pen testing As Service. The scope of this framework is one-year participation activity. This is the thing in which a supplier allows penetration testing as it is needed by the consumer organization and offers the outcomes in an interactive cloud-based platform to offer continuous support in the complete repair cycle. This permits the user to concentrate on the beginning position of the work instead of the completion position of the pen-tester.

Pen testing as a service model is real and is extremely recommended due to a variety of reasons.

        Cost-efficient in comparison to the conformist pen-testing technique
        Increased scalability and flexibility
        Keeps up the speed with continuous innovation or change in the business sector
        PTaaS framework offers these reports in an interactive Platform allowing each susceptibility to be addressed efficiently and effectively.
        Direct entrance to your cyber-security specialists and susceptibility hunters instead of resolving mistakes on your own


In this era of innovation, companies are required to create their apps and products to attain an enhanced market share but safeguarding their software from cyber threats is difficult. This can be solved simply by doing pen-testing. However, you must keep in mind that old pen testing cannot always resolve all the security concerns.

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