Sony Santa Monica Studio Seemingly Hiring for New God of War Game

Sony Santa Monica Studio Seemingly Hiring for New God of War Game

If Santa Monica Studio suddenly announced that it was working on a new God of War game, there wouldn’t be a shred of shock to be found amongst anyone even remotely familiar with PlayStation. But, it’s still a nice thing to think about.

As spotted by Portuguese site Geekinout, the PlayStation Studios developer is currently hiring for a number of key positions, including a lead audio designer, lead narrative animator, a systems design producer, a senior animation programmer, a senior character artist, a senior narrative designer, and, most notably in this case, a senior technical combat designer.

Now, it’s fairly common knowledge that the team is spread across multiple projects at the time of writing. Santa Monica Studio is working on something that isn’t God of War, but outside of that, information is incredibly scarce. However, it’s the preferred job experience for that aforementioned combat design role that strongly suggests we’re getting another God of War title.

“Candidates who are fluent with the combat design choices, systems, mechanics, and enemies in God of War (2018) and God of War Ragnarök (2022) are preferred,” reads the official job application on Sony’s own careers website.

It’ll likely be quite some time until we hear about the next God of War game — especially if the developer’s secret project is ahead of it in terms of release schedule — but this evidence says that it’s starting to bubble away in the background.

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