TCL’s ‘Next Stop Paris’ is an AI-generated ‘original’ [Video]

TCL’s ‘Next Stop Paris’ is an AI-generated ‘original’ [Video]

TCL has seen quite a bit of success from its “TCLtv+” app for Google TV, and the company is now stepping into “original” content in the most 2024 way possible with laughably bad AI in “Next Stop Paris.”

“TCLtv+” launched last year with a focus on “FAST” channels – free, ad-supported television. The app is pre-loaded on the company’s Google TV sets. The app is a convenient way to get some free content, but now TCL is taking a stab at some “original” content.

Announced today, TCL will debut “Next Stop Paris” through TCLtv+ on its Google TV sets. The free special is summarized:

Next Stop Paris opens with a young woman on a train, who despite being heartbroken that her fiancé ran off with someone in her wedding party, has decided to go to her Paris honeymoon destination solo. While on board she meets a mysterious stranger, and their love story blossoms as they explore “the city of lights” together.  

The special, though, is entirely made with AI.

TCL explains that “a global production team that includes animators, VFX experts and AI engineers” worked with an original script and voice actors to create the story, but the visuals were created with “the latest AI animation technology.”

You can tell.

The trailer for “Next Stop Paris” is chock full of all of AI’s classic giveaways, from oversaturated visuals to unnatural faces and backgrounds that constantly move. The “young woman” also has a noticeably different face in some of the shots.

TCL says “Next Stop Paris” will be available over the Summer.

TCL says this won’t be the last AI-generated special. The company explains that it intends to more projects with AI that also include “key Hollywood talent.”

TCLtv+ Studios is creating custom AI models and employing the latest technology including Stable Diffusion and others in this early exploration. TCL is well positioned to take advantage of this cutting edge technology and is exploring content development in all formats with several series and specials in the development pipeline. That development includes AI and more traditional scripted and unscripted projects. Collaborations on future projects will expand beyond the TCLtv+ Studios teams and will include guild writers and actors as well as key Hollywood talent. 

Next Stop Paris is an early experiment bringing tech and creative together in a hybrid entertainment format. The AI technology used to create these characters and fictional world allows the creative teams to push boundaries and invigorate the viewer experience, while also creating new opportunities for marketing partners. The push into originals helps drive a market advantage in a noisy environment filled with content options, and the IP has many applications across the platform from interactive components to sponsorable elements and more.

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