YouTube tests moving title and comments to sidebar; no one likes it

YouTube tests moving title and comments to sidebar; no one likes it

While its look has been updated over the years, the core design of YouTube’s website hasn’t changed drastically in a long time. In a new test, though, is getting a big overhaul that pushes key elements to the sidebar, and no one seems to like it.

Over the past couple of days, many YouTube users have noticed a completely new design for the website video player. Instead of seeing the description of the video beneath the video player, that information is moved to the right side of the screen, with the comments down below it.

In the place where the description used to be found, YouTube’s new design now shows prominent video recommendations that are much larger than they used to be.

Perhaps the most jarring change is that the title is also moved to the sidebar, which means there’s virtually no separation between video recommendations and the video you’re actively watching. Previously, recommendations were shown on the sidebar, while the title, description, and comments took up the space below the video.

A few examples of the design were shared via Reddit, Twitter/X, and Threads.

So far, the reception to the new design has been overwhelmingly against the update. Users have been extremely vocal about hating the new look, with some even pointing out that it makes feel a bit like some… other online video sites.

However, YouTube has confirmed that this is only a test for now. It’s certainly a pretty widely available one, but it’s not showing for everyone just yet. And, given the feedback, it’s likely this design won’t cross the finish line. Users can formally submit feedback on the sidebar redesign through the website, YouTube says.

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