BBB warns of third-party travel sites that promise great deals but end up with big charges – WSB-TV Channel 2

BBB warns of third-party travel sites that promise great deals but end up with big charges – WSB-TV Channel 2

ATLANTA — Channel 2 Action News is looking into travel websites that promise great deals but come with lots of extra charges after you book.

Caphenia Smith said she got a confirmation email from third party booking site “Best Ticket Fare” that showed her flight times on American Airlines for her trip to Raleigh for the price she paid — $114.

“I got to the counter and American Airlines had no idea who I was,” Smith told Channel 2 consumer Investigator Justin Gray.

It was only in the airport when she called Best Ticket Fare for help that she was told she didn’t have a confirmed seat and she’d have to pay more than $200 extra for that. She was flying standby.

“These people have hidden fees. These people do not have any intentions of honoring your ticket. When you pay that low rate, it is the catch. It’s the bait,” Smith said.

The Better Business Bureau gives Best Ticket Fare an “F” rating.


BBB reviewer Todd S. wrote last month, “Do not book any airline tickets with Best Ticket Fare!! This is a scam! They call you the day after you book a flight and try to tell you that your price has increased.”

The BBB recently issued a scam alert for third-party travel websites and extra charges.

Many of the sham third-party sites call back after you book demanding more money for things like baggage or confirmed seats.

“Once you make that payment, you’ll receive a call from the company saying there’s been a sudden price increase or that you have to pay an extra charge to complete a booking and a company would never do these things,” Taelore Hicks from BBB of Atlanta said.

Smith ended up paying American Airlines an extra $200 for a seat on the flight that she thought she’d already booked.

“They (Best Ticket Fare) were trying to get more money from me to get out. And I said, absolutely not. I’d rather pay it to American Airlines. And that’s how I was able to get back home,” Smith said.

The BBB said you need to do your research on any third-party website before booking and check all flight details directly with the airlines.


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