Harvard professor claims aliens could visit Earth through interdimensional travel | News

Harvard professor claims aliens could visit Earth through interdimensional travel | News

Harvard astrophysicist Avi Loeb claimed that aliens may be able to visit Earth using interdimensional portals that scientists could reproduce through the Large Hadron Collider.

Speaking in a recent documentary The Paranormal UFO Connection, made by filmmaker Mark Christopher Lee, Loeb speculated that aliens may have already visited Earth, using methods that humans could discover through the LHC.

If humans were to witness aliens coming to Earth through an interdimensional portal, it would be “just like a cave dweller coming to a city like London or Europe, and seeing all the technological gadgets there,” Loeb said, according to the Daily Mail.

“There will be a sense of religious awe, and we wouldn’t understand it, especially if we are dealing with the effects of quantum gravity that we have any clue about,” he added.

Attempting to back up his reasoning that aliens might have developed interdimensional travel, Loeb speculated that they might have been developing the technology for billions of years. In order to catch up, Loeb suggested reallocating $2 trillion in global military spending to develop interdimensional travel technology instead.

While acknowledging that humans only have remote knowledge on the topic, Loeb said that the kind of technology he believes aliens may have developed is hinted at through the European Organization for Nuclear Research’s LHC. Clues found through the technology reportedly suggest that aliens could use theoretical quantum gravity engineering to travel through “curled” dimensions.

Loeb is a highly controversial figure in his field. His belief in extraterrestrial life has made him one of the most popular astrophysicists in the country, and he has drawn massive funding from technology tycoons, Business Insider reported.


Many in the field have derided Loeb, accusing him of damaging the reputation of the field in his quest.

“Loeb is on a mission to find aliens. He believes he sees something in the data hundreds of experts don’t, and he wants to make you believe too,” astrophysicist Steven Desch at Arizona State University told the outlet.

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