How Americans Plan to Travel in 2024

How Americans Plan to Travel in 2024

DALLAS (KDAF) — A study conducted by Forbes in 2023 found that 63% of Americans took at least two leisure trips last year. But with 2024 underway, have you ever wondered how Americans plan and prioritize their travels?

A new survey has revealed the travel trends of 2024, disclosing where, why, and how Americans are planning on traveling.

The True Cost of Traveling

According to the survey, the average American is spending $2209.06 on each vacation, with more than a quarter (28%) spending between $2501 and $5000.

Beach vacations (47%), adventure trips (26%), nature holidays (24%), romantic trips (24%), and city breaks (24%) are among the most popular vacation choices planned, with many respondents opting to travel to Florida (26%), California (25%), and Hawaii (23%).

For international travel, only 18% of Americans are planning overseas travel in 2024. Europe comes out as the number one desired destination, with 47% of respondents naming it as a place they’d love to travel in 2024, followed by Australia (22%) and Asia (19%).

How are Americans funding their vacations?

Two-thirds of Americans (66%) are relying on savings to fund their vacations in 2024, while 47% are opting to use credit. Additionally, 10% stated they’re taking out loans to finance their trips this year.

Among the excitement of planning their trips, Americans are typically booking holidays 1-4 months in advance (42%), and interestingly, many are packing just 3-4 days before traveling (26%).

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